Marketing Manager Mindset 2023 Survey Results

The business world evolves at a rapid pace, though this sentiment hardly describes the pivots required of marketing teams over the past year. Faced with a global recession, the lingering effects of COVID-19, changing consumer habits, the rise of AI, and so much more, marketers have encountered numerous challenges — and opportunities — to evolve their digital strategies. 

To learn more about these changes in strategy, Jotform partnered with Mention, a social media monitoring tool, and Livestorm, a video engagement platform, for a second installment of the Marketing Manager Mindset Report, using our surveying capabilities to secure insights from nearly 700 marketing professionals around the world in 2023.

In this report, we’ve covered a range of topics:

  • What’s changed for marketers since 2022? Find out what B2B, B2C, and agency marketers are doing differently in terms of
    • Budget
    • Strategy 
    • Content marketing
    • Brand awareness
    • Event marketing
    • Social media marketing
  • How has strategy been impacted this past year? Learn where marketers are shifting their focus:
    • Their key goals
    • The KPIs driving their successes 
    • The marketing channels they’re doubling down on

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