7 Successful Quiz Funnel Examples to Inspire You

Using an online quiz marketing funnel as part of your conversion funnel has several benefits:

1. Quizzes generate interest

Whatever quiz funnel topic you choose, your website visitors will be excited to fill it out. That’s because quizzes are not only fun and engaging, but also reveal something to your users about themselves. 

People don’t know what the quiz result will be in advance, which creates a powerful sense of curiosity.

And once someone fills out the quiz questions and receives their results, they’ll likely want to share their results with friends. How often do you see a friend of yours sharing a Buzzfeed-style quiz on social media? The positive word of mouth that results from this social sharing will motivate others to take the quiz, too.

2. Quizzes help you get to know your audience

Ecommerce companies are always looking for more information about their customers. The more information you have, the more effectively you can personalize and tailor your messaging.

Quiz funnels allow you to segment your target audience with precision, going far beyond indistinct categories like “first-time visitor” or “email subscriber.” Instead, you can discover what each customer is interested in on an individual basis. 

When you know what categories of products a specific visitor is likely to buy, you can develop messages that are highly relevant and targeted.

3. Quizzes address customers’ uncertainties

One of the biggest challenges for ecommerce companies is dealing with the reservations customers have about trying new products. Since your visitors can’t see, touch, or try on the products, there will always be an element of doubt involved.

Quiz funnels help solve this problem by reassuring potential customers that specific products are a good fit for them. After all, they’ve just filled out a quiz that tells them what products suit them!

4. Quizzes drive more sales

For all the reasons above, quiz funnels are a highly effective way to drive sales. They’re also very cost-effective: once you’ve put in the effort to create them, they don’t have any ongoing costs.

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