11 Website Popup Survey Examples to Collect Customer Feedback

Now that we’ve finished our examples roundup, here are the 5 biggest takeaways to keep in mind when you’re creating your own survey popups!

1. Go for a mix of open-ended and closed-ended survey questions

Closed-ended questions are easier for your website visitors to respond to as they require minimal effort. In contrast, open-ended questions provide deeper insights into your visitors’ experiences. 

In action:

  • A closed-ended question could be, “Did you like this article?” The answer: Yes or No. Try clickable smile/frown emojis or a simple thumbs up/thumbs down like in our previous popup example.
  • An open-ended question could be, “Why did you like this article?” The answer could be multiple choice with a text box, giving the viewer the option of adding more info.

2. Resist the temptation to get visitors to talk up your solution

It can be tempting to seek answers that highlight only the good in your product, service, or website. But some of the most helpful feedback focuses on what you could optimize and improve. 

Pick “How was your experience?” instead of “How much did you love your experience?”

3. Keep your text to a minimum

Don’t overwhelm your visitors with too much text that it makes them immediately want to hit the “X” button. 

Keep your copy short, direct, and readable to spike the number of responses you get.

4. Limit your ask to one question

You’ll massively increase your response rates by asking just one question at a time from your visitors or customers. 

If you ask multiple questions at the same time, you risk confusing or overwhelming your visitors.

5. Always choose fun, engaging copy

Write effective copy to engage your website visitors and boost your response rates. Remember that when the copy is too dull or business-like, it will do little to capture your audience’s attention.

You’ve got the smarts you need for awesome survey popups. Now let’s put them into action!

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